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Ecommerce marketers nee to be careful when and how they add website visitors to their mailing list. Here are two ways an ecommerce marketer might use email marketing. 1. Post-Purchase Follow Up If a user has already purchase a product from your website — and agree to receive emails from you during the checkout process — sending a follow-up email a few days after the product is delivere keeps the conversation going and gauges their future interest in your product line. A post-purchase follow up also shows that you care about them beyond a sale and that your company has an interest in their success using your product. Remove unuse CSS, Load JavaScript deferre, and Delay JavaScript execution.

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You only nee to enable the options, and the plugin will take care of the file optimization. 7. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Optimizing the way your files load can help improve page loading spee. Similarly, so can minifying your CSS, JavaScript, and Uganda Phone Number List HTML code. This means removing unnecessary spaces, characters, comments, and other unneee elements to reuce the size of the files. Decreasing your files’ sizes also makes it easier to combine them. The result is cleaner code, and leaner web pages that load faster. Of course, combing through every line of code for each of your site’s files isn’t exactly efficient.

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Instead you can minify your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with a free plugin: Autoptimize instead. This popular plugin makes it easy to aggregate and minify your scripts and styles automatically: The Autoptimize WordPress plugin’s settings. Considering BO Leads the wide variety of features and settings it offers, configuring this plugin can be a bit overwhelming at first. To make your job easier, feel free to check out this guide on how to set up Autoptimize on your website. 8. Leverage a content delivery network (CDN). A Content Delivery Network (CDN), also referre to as a ‘content distribution network’, is a network of servers that can help improve page loading spee. It does this by hosting and delivering copies of your site’s static content from servers locate across the globe.

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