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Try referral marketing programs. Leverage social meia. Drive user-generate content. 1. Blog. Maintaining a blog is one of the better ways to attract potential customers to your site organically. By creating quality content relevant to your industry, you can project a sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness to prospects. If you give strangers an incentive to. Visit your site through your content — beyond material specific. To your product or service — you generate interest that might ultimately turn into action. Regardless of what you’re selling, maintaining a blog for your site is a cost-effective way to prove that your business is an authority in its space.

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Contribute guest posts to other websites. Guest posts have the potential to expand your online visibility. Not only can it better establish you as an authority within your industry, contributing guest posts affords you more domain authority for your ecommerce site — leading search engines to believe your site is more reliable and worth Anhui Phone Number List ranking higher. You can accomplish this by identifying sites with keywords relevant to your products and reaching out to the people behind them. Sometimes, you won’t even nee to create a post of your own. You might be able to just expand upon one of a site’s current posts with relevant context or an infographic that links back to your site.

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Try referral marketing programs. Referral marketing combines two of the most powerful underlying assets to any ecommerce marketing strategy — word of mouth and incentives. A solid ecommerce referral program allows customers to relay your messaging to prospects who trust their judgment. Research indicates that word of mouth BO Leads is directly responsible for 19% of all purchases and influences as much as 90% of them. So a significant part of your ecommerce marketing strategy has to be tapping into that trend. Referral marketing is one way to do that. By offering some sort of incentive — like a discount or small gift — to your customers in exchange for their referral of new prospects, you’re putting yourself in a position to retain current customers while expanding your base.

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