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There are a couple of things to consider as an ecommerce business when building out a loyalty program. For one, consider diversifying the ways in which customers can show loyalty, whether it be through repeat purchases, mentions on social meia, or sharing your content. Also, think about how you will pay off their loyalty, be it through points, discount codes, or exclusive perks. Generate Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools out here. It’s base on the premise that people want advice from others like them. As buyers becoming more skeptical of marketing tactics from companies, the nee for word-of-mouth marketing in your.

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Business becomes more apparent. While you can make this to happen organically by providing a great customer experience, you can also encourage, and even create, forms of WOMM that are equally as effective. Reviews Remember how I just said that prospects trust companies less and less? Well, customer reviews help mitigate that mistrust 1000 Phone Numbers because they come from people who are not investe in the success of your company — instead, they’re an authentic and oftentimes brutally honest review of your product and how it worke out for them. Reviews serve as marketing tools for you because they include mentions of your product and oftentimes they do the selling for you people think, “If it worke for them, it might work for me too.

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Encourage your customers to leave reviews however you can, and that post-purchase email we talke about above might be a good start. Referral Marketing When customers solicit their friends, family members, and co-workers to buy from BO Leads you, that is a referral. Sure, this may happen naturally if they really enjoy your product, but you can ensure that it happens more frequently through a referral program. Simply ask your customers to refer others in exchange for something of value (e.g. discount, money, free gift) that you can offer to either your new customer, your existing customer, or both. Dropbox does a good job of this — they offer additional cloud storage space when you refer a friend to sign up.

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