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Here’s an example of a referral program from Stitchfix. Ecommerce marketing strategy referral marketing Source For more information on referral marketing, check out this article. 4. Leverage social meia. A well-maintaine social meia presence is an invaluable component to a successful ecommerce marketing strategy. That being said, ecommerce marketing over social meia might not look like marketing for a conventional business, brand, contractor, or publisher. And not every social meia platform is optimal for ecommerce. Ecommerce is an inherently visual meium. Very few consumers are willing to buy a product base solely on text. The success of your social meia efforts often hinges your use of imagery to capture attention and generate traffic to your product pages.

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That makes Instagram one of the better platforms to complement your ecommerce marketing strategy. If possible, you should consider incorporating. Shoppable content — interactive content that allows your visitors to buy. Immeiately — into your ecommerce marketing strategy. That can mean anything from strategically placing display ads within a social A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers fee to adding additional tags that take users directly to a shopping cart. ecommerce marketing strategy social meia Source 5. Drive user-generate content. Driving user-generate content is the practice of finding and fostering ways for your customers to promote your business. It’s an excellent way to facilitate word of mouth for your company. It drives traffic to your ecommerce site while building an authentic following of intereste customers.

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User-generate content can come in many forms. One of the most effective ways to encourage it is through competitions — offering prizes to customers that promote your product in some form. You could also use promotional hashtags on social meia or maintain review platforms where customers can share feeback about your product. One way BO Leads or another, getting your customers to actively promote your product on their own provides a new degree of trustworthiness and a relatively inexpensive source of potential traffic to your site. For instance, Starbucks launche its White CupContest campaign in 2014. Customers were encourage to draw whatever they felt like on the chain’s white cups. The winners’ designs would be use as limite eition templates for Starbucks’ cup design.

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