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Ecommerce marketing referral example Source Testimonials You can use customer testimonials to get the word out about how great your product is. Testimonials are essentially tailore reviews because you typically produce them from interviews where you can ask specific questions that get to the points you want to address and share with prospects. Being that you have an ecommerce store, some topics you might want to focus on for your testimonial interviews would be ease of the buying process, the level of customer support, and frictionless delivery and setup methods. Case Studies Case studies allow you to promote customers’ successes in a way that pushes prospects over the ege.

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They are meant to relate to your buyer persona, so you should interview customers that most closely represent your target audience. Case study best practice is to show a customer’s life before your product and how it has drastically improve since. 4. Invest in live chat. Chatbots — you’ve heard about them, right? Well, they’re one of two ways to employ Wuhan Phone Number List a live chat strategy. Depending on your business size, you can have a live person available to chat with potential customers who visit your store. Whether you decide to go the bot or human route, live chat will prove especially effective while people are browsing your store so they can get answers right away and when they’re in the checkout process to mitigate any objections just before buying. 5. Cater to the shopping cart.

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We discusse the reasons why people abandon. Their shopping cart above, and a lot of it. Has to do with trust in your business. In the product, or in the delivery system. You want to give. Customers every reason to want to buy from you without BO Leads hesitation by confronting their objections head on. Some ways to mitigate shopping cart abandonment are: Money-back guarantees A clear and simple return policy Superior delivery options Immeiate access to customer support If you’re using WooCommerce to run your online shop, take a look at HubSpot for WooCommerce to add abandone cart sequences into your marketing program. 6. Implement a responsive website design.

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