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A CDN works with, rather than in place of, your host. In addition to the server that hosts your primary website, you can leverage a CDN to distribute copies of your site’s files among strategically-chosen data centers. This can maximize performance, by reucing the distance data requests have to travel between browsers and your host’s servers. By loading the content for a web page from a server close to each visitor, a CDN helps reuce network latency and produce lower TTFBs. You have a variety of CDN options to choose from, one of which is opting for a host that provides a CDN you can enable it directly from your own dashboard. 9. Eliminate unnecessary plugins. Not all plugins are create equal. Having too many plugins on your site can cause unnecessary bloat that slows it down.

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Additionally plugins that are outdate or aren’t well maintaine can pose a security threat, and even introduce compatibility issues that hamper performance. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to minimize the number of plugins you use on your WordPress Ukraine Phone Number List site. Of course, one of the easiest ways to do this is by disabling and deleting any plugins you don’t currently use. We also recommend reviewing the plugins you have installe, to evaluate whether they’re actually necessary. There might be some tools that have overlapping functionalities and features.

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An others that are simply no longer relevant to your nees. Finally, certain plugins may slow your site down more than others. To identify any plugins that are reucing your page spees, you can try testing them individually. First, deactivate all of your BO Leads plugins (it’s safest to do this on a staging site): Deactivating WordPress plugins. Then turn them back on one by one. Each time you activate a plugin, use a spee testing tool such as PageSpee Insights to see if your score and timings have been affecte. Many plugins might increase your page spees by a small margin. However, if you see a sudden large increase, it may be time to find an alternative tool that serves the same purpose (but is better optimize.

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