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The more successful you are at getting bloggers or review websites to mention your brand (in new or existing content), the more likely your visibility will increase. A visibility increase can result in more referral traffic, direct signups, and generate leads, but more importantly (and far more difficult to tie to the bottom line), it can impact your brand awareness. More people will know about and recognize your products or services simply because they stumble upon them every time they search for “recommendations of best X.” 4. Identify opportunities to improve your SERP visibility. Spotting opportunities can be challenging when you’re monitoring mentions for more than 10 keywords.

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At HubSpot, we monitor over 500 keywords for our surround sound program, so we built a formula that takes into account both our visibility for each Slovenia Phone Number List specific keyword as well as the average monthly number of searches for that  keyword. Opportunity = (100% – Visibility Score) Avg Monthly Searches Say for the keyword “CRM software average monthly searches), our visibility in the Google top 10 search results is 80%. This means that HubSpot is mentione in 8 out of 10 pages that rank in the Google top 10 for this keyword. surround sound strategy hubspot content marketin.

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Software Opportunity for “CRM software o establish an order of priority, calculate the opportunity level for each keyword, and sort your list from highest to lowest opportunity value. 5. Define a clear goal for your visibility score. Once you have your BO Leads priorities in check, it’s time to dig a bit deeper and look at all the URLs that don’t already mention your brand. The question to ask yourself now is: Which ones of these would potentially mention my brand if I reach out to them? Some websites, like big meia publications, will never respond or update their content. So you’re better off by removing these in the first place. You’ll be left with a list of potential targets URLs and websites.

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